Atmos wood gasification and pellet boiler DC 32 SP


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Atmos combo boiler 32 kW facilitates the burning of wood on the principle of generator gasification in combination with a burner for pellets.

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If needed, there is naturally the option to buy a boiler without a burner and select one later or to use a burner from the last boiler.


The boiler Atmos DC 25 SP proper is constructed as a body of three chambers situated one above another. The two upper chambers serve for the gasification of the wood, as you are familiar with from the classical gasification boilers that we produce as the standard. In the third, lowest chamber, is installed the required burner at the front, inlaid by ceramics to ensure the optimal quality of burning. Both the systems are separated by a water jacket so that they do not interfere with each other and, thanks to that, the boiler achieves high effectiveness when heating by the individual fuels. The combustion gases exhaustion is handled by one outlet and therefore only one flue is needed.


Fuel - wood  barrelwood 12 - 20 % / heating capacity 15 - 18 MJ/kg diameter 70 - 150 mm

Fuel - pellets  wooden pellets of quality, diameter 6 - 8 mm / white pellets

Wood boiler output 25 - 35 kW

Pellet boiler output 6 - 20 kW

Maximum length of wood 530 mm

Wood consumption during the season O  35 plnometry

Wood charging hopper volume 140 dm3

Weight of boiler 571 kg

Volume of water in boiler 160 l

Pellet burner type ATMOS, ERATO GP20 etc

Pellets container EXTERNAL - 250, 500, 1000 l

Connecting voltage 230 / 50 V/Hz

Power demand at the start for pellets 1120 W

Power during the operation 120 W

Boiler class  4

Height: 1772 mm

Width: 678 mm

Depth with exhaust pipe: 957 mm


1. Boiler body

2. Charging door - wood

3. Ashpan door - wood

4. Gas exhaust ventilator (except for DC 15EP)

5. Heatproof pipe fitting - nozzle

6. Control panel 7 . Safety thermostat

8. Regulatory valve

9. Heatproof pipe fitting - extension of the ball space (Kombi)

10. Heatproof pipe fitting - ball space (Kombi)

11. Sealing - nozzles - 12 x 12

12. Door for the pellet burnery

13. Heating valve

14. Heatproof pipe fitting - back side of the ball space (Kombi)

15. Cleaning lid 16 . Screen

17. Heating valve rod

18. Thermometer

19. Burning space screen

20. Switch

21. Output regulator - Honeywell FR 124

23. Cooling loop

24. Regulatory thermostat

25. Door filling - Sibral

26. Door sealing

27. Ceramics - roof

28. Burner for pellets or extra LFOs

29. Heatproof pipe fitting - ball space (D 15)

30. Heatproof pipe fitting - inlay of the ball space (DC 15E)

31. Heatproof pipe fitting - ball space - wood

32. Heatproof pipe fitting - back side of the ball space - wood

33. Pump thermostat (only in DC 15EP)

34. Fuse (6,3 A)

35. Combustion gases thermostat (except for DC 15EPEP)

36. Switch

37. End switch with a button

39. Pump thermostat (DC 18-32 SP)P)

40. Measurement point for the combustion gases analyzer


Technical data


ATMOS kombi boiler DC18SP, DC25SP, DC32SP (firewood + pellet) instruction manual