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Atmos pellet boiler D20P


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Atmos pellet boiler D20P, 6,5 - 22 kW

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Boiler output: 6,5 - 22 kW
Heating surface: 2 m2
Fuel shaft volume: 70 dm3
Dimensions of filling opening: 270x450 mm   
Specified chimney draught: 15 Pa
Maximum working water pressure: 250 kPa
Boiler weight: 315 kg   
Outlet orifice diameter: 150/152 mm
Boiler height: 1405 mm
Boiler width: 606 mm
Boiler depth: 745 mm
Cover for el. parts: 20 IP    
Electric power - upon activation: 572 W
Electric power - during operation: 92 W
Boiler efficiency: 91,1 %
Temperature of combustibles at nominal output (pellets): 128 °C
Weight flow of combustibles at nominal output (pellets): 0,016 kg/s
Specified fuel: pellet 6 - 8 mm       
Average fuel consumption - pellets at nominal output: 5 kg.h-1
Maximum log length: 310 mm
Burning duration at nominal output - for wood: 2 hours
Water volume in boiler: 82 l
Hydraulic loss of boiler: 0,22 mbar
Minimum volume of buffer tank: 500 l
Connecting voltage: 230/50  V/Hz    
Boiler class pursuant to ČSN EN 303-5: 5
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