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Solar water heater 275 l, Dražice OKC 300 NTRR/SOL


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Indirect heater designed for preparation of hot service water by means of a  solar system. Exchangers 0,8 m2 and 1,2 m2. 1791 x 600 mm. 1 MPa

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771,96 € tax incl.

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Volume 275 l
Max. weight 125 kg
Hot water operating pressure 1 MPa
Heating water operating pressure 1 MPa
Max. temperature heating water 110 °C
Max temperature of hot water 90 °C 
Lower exchanger heat delivery surface 1,2 m2
Upper exchanger heat delivery surface 0,8 m2

OKC NTRR/SOL - Stationary heater with two coil exchangers for heating HSW with heating water from two sources. Reheat can be carried out by the boiler in the top exchanger and also by the electric element TJ 6 / 4".