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    Thermometer T40 / 0° - 80°C

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    LK Room thermostat S1 is an electronic room thermostat with triac output adapted to LK flor heating systems. The room thermostat is used together with electrothermal actuators with normally closed function (NC).

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    LK Room thermostat S1 Dti is electronic, soundless room thermostat with Triac-output and self-modulation technology, with possibility to connect an LK External Sensor S1 for control of floor temperature. The room thermostat is powered by 24 V AC and is designed for normally closed LK Actuator 24V (NC).

    45,90 €
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    LK Room thermostat S2 is an electronic noiseless room thermostat with Triac output and electronic feedback. Available in models S2 and S2 EXT, where S2 EXT can be connected to LK Remote Sensor ICS/S2 for controlling e.g. floor temperature.

    59,90 €
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    Connection Box (NC) for electrical connection of LK room thermostat S1 or LK room thermostat S1 24V NC and LK Actuator 24V NC. The box has an integrated transformer 230/24V AC 40VA. Up to 8 LK Room Thermostat S1 24V NC and max 12 LK Actuator 24V NC can be connected to the box.

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    Actuator (NC). Power 2W IP 54. Normally closed NC For individual room/zone control for LK Manifold RF. The actuator is used with LK Wired or Wireless Room Control system.

    36,90 €
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items