Pellet boiler SlimKo 12 kW


Pellet boiler Kotłospaw SlimKo 12 kW with KIPI pellet burner and controller EM 860. KIPI burner 16 kW. Slimko is a compact pellet boiler based on a tube exchanger that meets the requirements of class 5 and eco-design. 

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2 923,57 € tax incl.


3 439,49 € tax incl.

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Boiler is equipped with a high quality KIPI pellet burner. It has an automatic igniter, rotary chamber cleaning and a built-in blowers. The combustion process is controlled by a new generation controller, which regulates the burner operation. Lighting the fire and extinguishing is automatic. Pellet boiler service is based on selection of the ashes from the ash pan and adding fuel to the basket.

PN EN 303-5:2012, ECODESIGN

Pellet container: 92 kg
Boiler water volume: 43 l
Flue gas tube - outer diameter Ø: 160 mm
Inlet/outlet: 1''
Height: 1315 mm
Width: 560 mm
Depth with/without burner: 1035/785 mm