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Electric water heater 9,9 l Dražice BTO 10 IN


Electric water heater 9,9 l, Dražice BTO 10 IN, 2 kW Suspended, vertical – non-pressure – under the consumption point. Non-pressure.

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The electric water heater BTO 10 IN is designed for preparation of hot water in households, cottages and various welfare facilities. It allows installation of only one hot water consumption point. Its benefit is that it heats up water by power in an unlimited all-day time range.

Electric water heater Dražice BTO 10 INElectric water heater BTO 10 IN technical data

Declared load profile: XXS
Energy efficiency class 1): A
Water heating energy efficiency ƞwh 1): 35,1 %
Annual electricity consumption 1):  525 kWh
Daily electricity consumption 2):  2,477 kWh
Thermostat temperature settings: e*
Value of "smart": 0
Volume: 9,9 l
Height: 500 mm
Width: 350 mm
Depth: 265 mm
Rated pressure: 0,6 MPa
Weight / Filled with water: 4 / 14 kg
Power of electrical heater: 2 kW
Heating time from 10 °С to 65 °С: 20 min
Electric connection: 1 PE-N 230V/50HZ  V
Protection class: I
Degree of protection: IP 24
Packaging dimensions: 275x320x500 mm
Connection G: 3/8"
Tank: plastic
Insulation: polyurethane cfc-free

* The "e" position of the regulation knob corresponds to a water temperature of approx. 41 °C by TEG 0520 and 35 °C by TEG 1020
1) EU Regulation 812/2013; EN 50440
2) EN 50440

The "above-supply-point" version

Electric water heater 9,9 l Dražice BTO IN

1 - shut-off valve
2 - reduction valve
3 - back pressure valve
4, 4a - flow combination faucet
H - cold water
T - hot water

The heater tank is plastic for non-pressure connection, the electric heating element is copper.
Heating time from 10 °С to 65 °С: 20 min. Temperature of water can be set by a thermostat within the range between 5 °C and 75 °C, using the symbols on the thermostat selector button. Cold water inflow is indicated with a blue ring, hot water outflow is indicated with a red ring.