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Electrical heating unit TPK 168 - 8/2,2 Dražice


Built-in electric flange heating unit for flange series TPK, output 2,2 kW. Heating element lenght: 405 mm

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87,25 € tax incl.


102,65 € tax incl.

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Voltage: 1 PE-N 230 V /50 Hz
Unit length: 405 mm
Electrical protection: IP 44

Weight: 5 kg

Mounting: 8 x M10


Heating flange TPK 168–8/2,2kW for volumes from 100 l to 250 l.


The TPK series heating flanges are designed as main heating devices for electric heaters of the OKCE S series manufacturer Dražice, or as secondary heating devices for OKC NTR/BP, OKC NTRR/BP and accumulation tanks of heating, solar and other systems. Heating flange can be used to heat water also in other facilities provided the installation instructions are achieved.

Heating flange is an enamelled weldment of flange and wells. TPK is equipped with a thermostat and a safety fuse with external control and relevant electric installation. The electric wiring is placed underneath a plastic cover.


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