Hot water air heaters


Hot water air heater 47 kW, Blowair Farmer


Devices BLOWAIR Farmer 47 kW are used to heat large-size rooms. These units are suitable to work in aggressive environments, with high dustiness, humidity and concentration of ammonia in the air. BY ORDER

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625,86 € tax incl.


658,80 € tax incl.

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Because of the LCE coating, the devices are fully covered with the protective layer. The deposit which occurs in aggressive environments does not stick to the units.

Additionally water heater FARMER 47 kW has antibacterial layer.


Hot water air heater Blowair Farmer technical data



  • casing made of galvanizing steel, covered by LCE coating, which is resistance for acid,salt and ammonia;
  • two-row coil;
  • possibility to set the air stators up manually;
  • possibility to regulate the temperature with a use of room thermostat.



  • production halls for food industry;
  • pigsties;
  • rooms with hight dustiness, humidity and high concentration of ammonia in the air.



  • the end with mould, fungi and batteries in the coils;
  • protective layer of LCE coating assure of work in the aggressive environments;
  • easy assembly;
  • easy usage;
  • warm comfort in quick time;
  • silent and reliable work;
  • 24-months guarantee