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Pellet boiler RTB 30 kW


Pellet boiler RTB 3 - 30 kW

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Range: 3 - 30 kW
Efficiency: >90% (Class 5)
Heats: 300-500 m² (based on well insulated home)
Replaces: 7500 l.of oil/y
Width: 623 mm
Depth: 843 mm
Height: 1022 mm
Refill every: 2 - 3 days

So what distinguish the RTB 30 boiler from other boilers?

  • Fewer installations cost since it’s already assembled from the factory (Ready To Burn).
  • It has a nicer appearance with the built-in cable management.
  • You can burn up to 3 tons of pellets before emptying the ashbin due to the ash compression ashtray.
  • With the compressor cleaning of both the burner and boiler, there are longer intervals between cleanings.
  • With an optimized smoke-flow it reduces the risk of condensation in the chimney.
  • Its higher efficiency allows a minimal heat loss from the boiler.
  • With the possibility of low-temperature operation (down to 40 degrees) it reduces heat loss in the piping.
  • Less chance of smoke odor due to the EPDM rubber sealing in the boiler (tighter boiler)
  • Also with NBE’s customization option, you can build your RTB system to fit all your exact needs. So let’s get Ready To Burn!

Air Compressor Boiler Cleaning


With the RTB’s Automatic Air Compressor Boiler Cleaner, cleaning your boiler can be reduced to as little as 2 times a year.

Prevents the build up of ash on the burner head by periodically blowing compressed air over the burning grate. This allows for greater efficient burning and extends the length between maintenance cleaning.

Step-less Modulating Burner

Most modern pellet burners today are able to modulate between 10-20 steps over a heat range from 30%-100% of power.
The greater the number of steps the more accurate your system is at producing the heat demanded by the home.
Due to our sophisticated controls and our highly accurate dosing of pellets via an internal auger, our burner can produce heat at an amazing 90 steps and over an impressively wide heating range from 10 -100% power.

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