Sauna boilers


Sauna boiler PR5-1


Sauna boiler PR5-1: exceptional design, large amount of stones, body steel plate thickness 6mm, fired from outside the steam room, suitable for Russian style sauna, door with panoramic ceramic glass

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678,00 € tax incl.

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Value Fuel used: logs (it is possible to use wood, peat briquettes and sawdust briquettes).

Area heated (when the value of thermal resistance of the premises heated is 4): 12...20 m²

Combustion chamber volume:  40dm³ (l)

Minimum chimney draught: 8 Pa

Boiler flue outlet diameter: Ø130 mm

Overall dimensions, HxBxL: 900x560x870 mm

Mass (brutto): 100 kg

Sauna boiler PR5-1