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Storage tank 500 l, Dražice NADO 500/200 v7


Storage tanks NADO v7 - specially designed accumulation tanks with inner enameled vessel for hot water supply in heating systems and with steel coil exchanger for connecting other heat source (for example solar collectors).

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Special electric heating element TJ 6/4“ with extended cooling part may be used (max. absorbed power 6 kW). Accumulation tanks are supplied with a highquality insulation Symbio made of polyester fleece.
The NADO 500/200 v7 accumulation tank cannot be equipped with heating through electrical elements.

Volume: 500 l
HW reservoir capacity: 200 l
Maximum tank pressure: 0,3 MPa
Maximum pressure of exchanger: 1 MPa
Maximum pressure in the inner tank: 0,6  MPa    
Heating surface of the exchanger: 2,5 m2
Heat transfer surface of the inner vessel: 2,29 m2 
Maximum heating water temperature in the tank: 90 °C    
Maximum heating water temperature in the exchanger: 110 °C
Maximum utility water temperature in the inner reservoir: 90 °C
Maximum output of el. heating element of TJ 6/4" series [kW] with extended cooling section: -     
Weight: 166 kg

Operation and Installation Manual
NADO 500, 750, 1000/200 v7 technical data