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Room thermostat S2


LK Room thermostat S2 is an electronic noiseless room thermostat with Triac output and electronic feedback. Available in models S2 and S2 EXT, where S2 EXT can be connected to LK Remote Sensor ICS/S2 for controlling e.g. floor temperature.

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The thermostat is fitted to a standard electrical wall box or directly above the cables when these exit a wall via electrical conduit. For installation on a standard electrical wall box, use the pattress supplied.

- Voltage 24 V AC (NC Normally closed)
- Switching power max 15 W
- Maximum of 5 LK Actuators per room thermostat
- Covers a standard electrical wall box with the pattress supplied
- Temp. range 5–45 °C
- Input for temperature reduction -3K
- Can be connected to LK Remote Sensor ICS/S2 for control of floor temperature. Note: Applies to model S2 EXT.
- Colour, rear section RAL 9003, front white/polished ice grey

Manufacturer: LK Systems AB