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Stove MITO IDRO Ceramica 13 kW

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Pellet stove MITO IDRO Ceramica 3,9/13 kW. Efficiency 91,6 %. Pellet stove that supplies radiators and floor radiant heating panels throughout the home. Available with ceramic sides, top and inserts in three colour options: parchment, off-white and maroon. BY ORDER, 2-3 weeks

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3 456,00 € tax incl.

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Pellet stove MITO 13 kWIt produces hot air for heating the installation room as well (deactivatable).

Leonardo system

  • Cast iron and steel firebox
  • Rear smoke outlet Ø 8 cm
  • Synoptic panel
  • Daily / weekly programming
  • Deactivatable hot air ventilation
  • Incorporated hydraulic kit with closed expansion tank, circulator pump and pressure relief valve


  • GSM, allows for switching the stove on/off via mobile phone



width: 52 cm

depth: 55 cm

height: 110 cm

useful output (min/max): 3,9/13 kW

useful output to the water (min/max): 3/10 kW

efficiency 91,6 %

fuel consumption (min/max): 0,8/3 kg/h

tank capacity: 30 kg

autonomy (min/max): 9/34 h

water content: 12 l

Ø combustion product outlet: 8 cm

Ø external air intake 4 cm

total weight: 250 kg

vol. that can be heated (depending on the type of system): 340 m³


colors: cream white, bordeaux, parchment