Sale of heating appliances

We offer reliable and high-efficiency heating system solutions.

Our extensive product range includes various categories of heating devices, ensuring that every customer finds a heating solution tailored to their needs.

Energy-efficient heating systems: Our selection includes various boilers such as pellet boilers, wood boilers, wood chip boilers, wood gasification boilers, and combination boilers. These boilers ensure high efficiency and energy-saving heating.

Versatile fireplace options: We provide air heating and central heating pellet fireplaces as well as traditional wood-burning fireplaces to create a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Heating and cooking: Central heating stoves and air heating stoves are excellent choices as they allow not only heating spaces but also cooking.

Sauna experience: We offer quality sauna stoves that guarantee a perfect sauna experience.

Heat pumps: Our heat pump range includes air-to-air heat pumps, air-to-water heat pumps, and ground-source heat pumps. Heat pumps are environmentally friendly and efficient heating devices.

Pellet technology: We offer pellet burners, pellet storage containers, and spare parts and accessories to ensure the smooth operation of pellet heating systems.

Solar heating: The range of solar heating solutions includes solar panels (collectors), solar heating tubes, and various high-quality solar heating accessories.

Boilers and storage tanks: We offer various types of boilers, including electric boilers, solar heating boilers, heat pump boilers, and various multi-system boilers. The selection of storage tanks includes cylindrical and oval storage tanks, three-part storage tanks, insulated and non-insulated storage tanks.

Safety and accessories: We ensure the safety of heating systems by providing versatile accessories, including water treatment devices, smoke detectors, and other necessary additional equipment.