Wall-mounted electric heaters


Wall-mounted electric heaters

Wall-mounted electric heaters

Wall-mounted electric heaters There are 46 products.


  • Wall-mounted, horizontal electric heaters

    Wall-mounted, horizontal ELECTRIC storage water heater for horizontal mounting: discharge pipe for hot water, enameled steel vessel, polyurethane CFC-free insulation - 42 mm, Mg anode, operating and safety thermostat well, thermometer, operating thermostat with external control, safety thermostat, cover for electrical equipment, filling pipe for cold water, DRY CERAMIC HEATING ELEMENT, heating element well, water heater jacket, circulation.

  • Wall-mounted, vertical electric heaters

    Electric storage water heaters designed for suspension on the wall with volumes of 50–200 litres. The spacing of the anchor screws is maintained by the producer throughout all the process of production in order to enable easy replacement of time-expired heaters. Suspension with 350 mm spacing of the anchor screws may be purchased as an additional accessory. Heating of water is assured by ceramic heating elements controlled by an operational thermostat and protected by a safety thermostat (thermal fuse). The temperature range is 5–74 °C. The connection voltage is 1-PE-N/AC 230 V/50 Hz. The IP 45 electric shielding enables mounting of heaters above baths. Safety valve is included in the delivery. Heating of hot service water with the possibility to use economy tariff of electricity. Safety valve. Optional equipment: circulation inlet, two- and three-phase connection 400 V/50 Hz, heating element with higher heat output, max. 4 kW (not OKCE 50).

  • Instantaneos water heaters

    Electric instantaneos water heaters. For single-point installation-basin, sink or shower. Electric instantaneous water heaters of PTO 733 range are due to its design and dimensions intended for direct installation at a basin, sink, shower etc. with a fixed connection to the electric power supply only. They are appreciated in households, cottages, weekend houses, workshops, medical facilities and anywhere you need an instant consumption of hot water.

  • Electrical water heaters pressure free

    BTO 5, 10 UP– non-pressure heater of 5 (10) l capacity located above the supply point. BTO 5, 10 IN– non-pressure heater of 5 (10) l capacity located underneath the supply point

    The heater tank is plastic for non-pressure connection, the electric heating element is copper. The heater tank is provided with a valuable polyuretane or EPS insulation, all is stored in an upper plastic container. Electric wiring is placed in the bottom (upper) part of the heater, under the removable guard of the heater. Temperature of water can be set by a thermostat within the range between 5°C and 75°C, using the symbols on the thermostat selector button. Cold water inflow is indicated with a blue ring, hot water outflow is indicated with a red ring.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 46 items