Cerbos - sale, installation, and maintenance of heating systems

  • Installation


    The right choice of a heating system is an important step in creating a comfortable home or making an existing home more comfortable.

    We offer installation services for heating systems and pellet burners.

    Fill out our inquiry form, and we will send you a personalized offer within 7 business days.

  • Sale of heating appliances

    Sale of heating appliances

    We offer reliable and high-efficiency comprehensive solutions for heating systems.

    Our wide range of products includes various categories, ensuring that every customer finds a solution that meets their needs.

  • Maintenance


    A well-maintained boiler results in lower heating costs. Our specialists offer various inspections and maintenance services throughout the entire lifecycle of the heating system.

    A properly functioning heating system ensures its efficient operation, helps save on heating costs, and allows you to have a worry-free heating season.

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