Benefits of Atmos wood gasification boilers

  • Option to burn large pieces of wood
  • Primary and secondary air is also preheated to a high temperature - higher effectiveness
  • The ventilator automatically switches off when the fuel burns out.
  • Easy servicing and cleaning
  • Ceramic combustion space - high effectiveness
  • Large fuel container
  • Large space for ash (when burning wood you have to clean it once per week)
  • Boiler without tube plate - easier cleaning
  • Small size and low weight
  • High quality

Advantages of Atmos boilers

Atmos boilers provide burning at high temperatures with the generator gasification function. That results in fuel saving and ecological operation. The boilers pre-heat the primary and secondary air to a high temperature which results in warm and stable flame of stable burning quality.

Boilers marked with GS provide this process in the ceramic combustion area with primary air side inlets.

Boilers equipped with extraction ventilator require pleasant and easy operation, and are marked with "S" (DC70S, DC15E excluded).

Large fuel hopper allows burning of the log pieces with the maximum length 330 - 1,000 mm, depending on the boiler type. Large pieces of waste wood can also be burned. All boilers are equipped with cooling loop for overheating protection.