Boiler Veto 30 kW and burner Veto Mat 40 kW

Set: Veto stoker boiler 30 kW and burner Veto Mat 40 kW

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Veto stoker boiler 30 kW

Veto stoker boiler 30 kW for solid fuel. The structure of Veto central heating boilers is the result of decades of experience and a lengthy and continuous development process. The boilers are designed specifically for stoker use, i.e., for solid fuel burners. The boiler configuration can be chosen by the customer, which results in increased convenience of use and ease of maintenance. Because of the large water volume of Veto stoker boilers, a water tank is not required. An efficient domestic water coil is also available for Veto 30-100 boilers, which takes care of the building’s domestic hot water supply. If certain optional equipment is present, other fuel sources such as logs can also be used in the boilers (Veto 30-80). Optional equipment such as pneumatic cleaning and automatic ash removal can increase boiler efficiency and convenience. In the case of larger boilers, we would recommend using a flue gas fan.


VETO stoker boilers are effective, economical, easy to use and environmentally friendly central heating boilers, which are designed especially for solid fuel (i.e. chips, peat, pellets) for use with bio-stokers. The VETO stoker boilers use traditional vertical convection, which significantly lengthens the boiler’s cleaning intervals. The boiler’s large firebox is designed only for biofuels. The diverse range of hatches and units enable many different kinds of installation alternatives. Fixed and removable igniters are available for the boilers. There are many different types of accessories for the Veto heating boilers, which facilitate use.


Veto 30-220 kW heating boilers in this power range are intended for heating private homes, farms and mid-sized buildings. A standard feature in the boilers is a spacious, separate ash space and an effective hot water coil (30–100 kW), and therefore a separate hot water boiler is not usually needed.



Length: 1020 mm

Width: 620 mm

Height: 1350 mm

Weight: 460 kg

Water capacity: 270 l

Hot water spiral: 1 pc as standard equipment

Connection for electric resistance: 1 pc as standard equipment, electrical resistor as extra





Boiler Veto Mat 40 kWBurner Veto Mat 40 kW / 500 l

Fuel options: wood chips P 30, M 30; grain; pellets
500 l fuel tank
logic control


Veto Mat burner combines the user’s experiences and long manufacturing traditions. The device is reliable, flexible and robust, and does not require a lot of space. The heating process is automatic and environmentally friendly. The low positioned filling opening and optional filling direction are a part of the flexibility and user friendliness.


The trough-shaped burner head is made of cast iron and installed inside the boiler. The burner head has a high burning efficiency and all heat that radiates from the head is utilized in the boiler.


In the bottom of the container the feed direction can be selected, and the robust feed screw is installed directly to the gearmotor.


The mixer plate covers the whole bottom and it is steeply angled to the feed auger. This ensures that even low quality fuels are pressed against the feed auger. This way the fuel is evenly fed and the container emptied completely.


The control panel operates the burner automatically according to the boiler thermostat. The settings of the burner can be changed with the control panel. It is also possible to use the fan separately and rotate the auger forwards and backwards. The device has a logic-based control, which includes e.g. a temperature monitor of the feeding tube and flame monitoring based on the temperature of the flue gas. A boiler thermostat, a main switch and a water fire-protection system with a wax plug are included in the delivery.


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