Pellet boiler PELLE, burner KIPI 26 kW, controller ecoMAX 860P


Pellet boiler PELLE, pellet burner KIPI 26 kW, controller ecoMAX 860P. Pellet boiler PELLE thermal rated power 20 kW. A boiler including control and  protection devices, gauges, an ash pan, installation and user instruction. Boiler with exhaust fan.

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Boiler Pelle is designed for operation with a pellet burner. Boiler Pelle is very efficient with an efficiency coefficient more than 0.9. It requires minimum maintenance compared to alternative products. Additionally it has an option of electric heating and a spiral can be added to meet everyday hot water needs.

Thermal rated power: 20 kW
Weight (empty): 160 kg
Water space: 165 l
Operating pressure: up to 2,5 bar
Test pressure: 3,25 bar
Max. temperature of boiler water up to 95° C
Fuel: wood pellets, light fuel oil, gas
Power efficiency: 90-93%
Boiler external dimensions: 1550 x 675 x 600 mm
Exhaust fan
flange for KIPI burner installation

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KIPI pellet burner user manual

ecoMAX 860P user manual

Controllers functions