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Atmos boiler cleaning

It is necessary to clean the Atmos boilers regularly and thoroughly every 3 to 5 days because the flue cinder accumulated in the fuel storage tank together with tars and acids dramatically decreases the Atmos boiler’s service life and output and insulates the heat transfer surface.

If excessive amount of cinder in the lower chamber is left to form, then the burn-off area is insufficient and damage to the ceramic nozzle handle or the boiler may occur.

Carry out the cleaning procedure by first switching the extraction ventilator on (except for DC15EP), then open the loading door and sweep the cinder down through the slot into the lower chamber.

Leave long pieces of wood which has not fully combusted (charcoals) in the hopper for the next time the boiler is used.

Cleaning lid AtmosOpen the cleaning lid and clean the rear duct with a brush. If the brake valve is inserted in the duct (corrugated sheet), it must be removed before cleaning.

Remove all the soot and cinder after opening the lower lid. Open the lower door and clean the lower chamber from cinder and soot. Remove the layers of dust on the side walls of the lower combustion chamber with a poker or a brush.

If there is a roof in the lower combustion area which contains a breaker (corrugated sheet – DC40SE, DC50SE, DC75SE), it is necessary to remove the breaker when cleaning and removing the ash.

The cleaning interval depends on the fuel quality (wood moisture content), heating intensity, chimney draught and other factors.

We recommend cleaning the boilers once a week. Do not pull out the fireclay shaped piece when cleaning.

At least once a year clean the extraction ventilator rotating wheel and via the cleaning hole, inspect the state of the primary to secondary air ratio regulation.

For Atmos boilers DC50SE, special sheets are placed on the sides next to the gasification nozzles; the sheets improve the combustion quality. Area underneath these sheets must be cleaned regularly once per 7 to 14 days.

Boilers DC70S must be checked at least 2x a year and the compressive ventilator and the air duct may need cleaning. If necessary, clean the area behind the heating area rear screen from tars and ash.


Regular and thorough cleaning is important for permanent stabilised output and a long service life of your boiler. If not cleaned properly, damage to the boiler may occur – the manufacturer’s guarantee is rendered invalid