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Circulation pumps Taco

Taco high energy efficiency circulation pumps.

Taco circulators are the result of both the daily commitment to continuously improve products performance and the confidence in innovation propelled by research & development investments.

The Taco laboratories, internationally known, are advanced research centers specialized in synchronous motor technology.



Taco circulators are designed with innovative technology which, compared to conventional circulators, are able to reduce power consumption up to 80% and optimize system performance by promptly responding to its demands, thus preventing unnecessary waste.


Thermal Solar

Solar power systems use the sun’s energy to generate heat and thus employing renewable clean energy: they reduce the emission of harmful substances, reduce the use of non-renewable resources, and therefore help protect the environment. Askoll circulators designed for solar thermal systems allow to take advantage of all the sun’s energy. 

Sanitary Hot Water

Taco circulators can adjust their activity based on the system demand, so they prevent wasting cold water and energy loss while heating water as well as ensuring comfort. For technology that is in tune with humankind, the community and the planet.