Heating components


HALM circulation pumps

HALM circulation pumps with screwed or flanged connection: the better choice.
Halm circulation pumps are inline wet rotor circulators. They are maintenance-free and fitted with opposite-facing connecting nozzles of the same nominal width. The pump, motor and terminal box comprise one unit and are optimally matched with one another. A stainless steel can separates the rotor chamber and stator winding. It features static seals at both ends.
Both bearings are made of oxide ceramic. This is particularly suitable because of its hardness, surface quality and corrosion resistance. They ensure smooth running and a long service life. Air cavities in the can well are evacuated via the hollow shaft.


The HALM BUPA series circulation pumps are wet rotor circulators designed for use in heating systems with constant or weakly variable flow rates. They feature a corrosion-resistant enclosure in bronze and are thus suitable for use in drinking water circulation systems.