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Pellet burners

Pelltech’s pellet burner is a superior replacement to a common oil burner in an existing heating system or it can be the heart of an entirely new pellet heating system. Our burners are compatible with most of the solid or liquid fuel boilers. The boiler only needs minor adjustments since an ordinary oil burner flange is used for securing the burner to the boiler. Renowned quality and superior attributes, such as unique electrical ignition and intelligent output power selection result in higher boiler efficency, lenghty lifetime and negligible maintenance.Video: How to replace an oil burner with a pellet burner

Advantages of PV burners:


  • Single-point ignition: pellets are ignited faster with minimal fumes requiring lower electrical power
  • A feeder auger ensures uniform fuel transportation into the burning chamber which results in an unvarying burning process
  • Air dispersal integrated into every Pelltech burner: appropriate primary and secondary air distribution for maximal burning efficiency
  • Intelligent power control designates a suitable output power according to heat consumption
  • Utilization of a hot burning chamber for absolute burning and reduced emmissions


  • Details which are in contact with fire are made from temperature-resilient stainless steel
  • A lenghty lifetime assured by high-quality components and materials

Back-burning is eliminated by:

  • A safety thermostat, which shuts down the burner in case of overheating
  • Periodic rotation of the internal auger during standby mode funnels even the last pellets to the burning chamber
  • Quickly-melting pellet hose halts the spread of fire into the pellet vessel
  • A back-up battery ensures the completion of the burning cycle in case of power grid failure
  • Notification systemsignals the user through either internet or a mobile device


  • Relevant information about current burner status and adjustable general settings are displayed through an LCD interface
  • Compatibility with oil boilers: Pellet burners are compatible with oil boilers by both mechanical mounting and electrical connections
  • Fuel amount control regulates the amount of fuel in the burning chamber automatically
  • Compact dimensions make opening of the boiler door relatively easy.