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Encased adjustable capillary thermostat 0-90°C


Encased adjustable capillary thermostat, 0-90°C, 1 m capillary, IP 40, Regulus

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TS9520: capillary boxed thermostat with external temperature adjustement

For the correct working and for safety reasons the thermostat is to be installed and used according to the instructions herebelow provided. The thermostat must be protected from water and dust. The boxed thermostats have been tested in compliance with the European standards for safety and have been classified as follows:

  1. according to its manufacture: as an automatic control device by independent mounting.
  2. according to its automatic operating feature: as a 1.B operated control type

Installation of TS9520 is made using the 2 holes which are in the base of the thermostat (pic.3). Proceed as follows:- remove the knob, unscrew the 2 screws on the cover, place the thermostat, screw the 2 fixing screws on the holes,
proceed with the electrical connection (as shown herebelow), replace the cover first and then the knob.

Before proceeding with the electrical connection, make sure that there is no voltage in the cables. The electrical connection is ensured by means of screw terminals. Maximum diameter of the cross-section=2,5mm.

We recommend the use of electrical connections suitable for the operating temperature.

The wiring diagram is shown on the label inside the product. The electrical connection must be executed by professional personnel according to standards and to laws in force.
Remove the knob and the cover by unscrewing the 2 screws, put the wires of the system through the cable-gland and make
the electrical connections to the cable-box, replace the cover, fix the scews and replace the knob.

CONNECTION C-1: opens the circuit when temperature rises.
CONNECTION C-2: closes the circuit when temperature rises.

Temperature ranges: -35 ÷ +35 °C, 0 ÷ +60 °C, 0 ÷ +90 °C, 0 ÷ +300 °C
Nominal load:
C-2 6 (1)A / 250V (closing contact)
C-1 16 (3)A / 250V (opening contact)
Max. ambient temperature: T90
Differential: 2 ÷ 5K (dependig on the model of thermostat)
Protection degree: IP 40
Storage temperature: 0 ÷ 60°C

Type of disconnection: micro-disconnection
Micro-environment pollution degree: 2
Group of insulation material: IIIa
Overvoltage class: II 1500 V
Duration of electric stress: long period
Number of cycles: 100.000

Package dimensions: 15 x 11 x 8 cm

Packing weight: 0,2 kg