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Reduced price! 3-way check valve DN 50, kvs 40, Cast iron, LK 826 ThermoBac View larger

3-way check valve DN 50, kvs 40, Cast iron, LK 826 ThermoBac


3-way check valve DN 50 (Dim. Rp 2"), kvs 40 m³/h, Cast iron, LK 826 ThermoBac. We don't sell the LK Armatur products to outside of Estonia!

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Working temperature: Min. +5°C / Max. +110°C
Ambient temperature: Min. +5°C / Max. +60°C
Max. working pressure: 1.0 MPa (10 bar)
Max. pressure difference: 50 kPa
Media: Water - Glycol mixture max. 50%
Material, valve body: Cast iron EN 1561 EN-GJL-200
Material, cover: Coated Aluminium
Material, cover sealing: Fibre
Material, sealing: EPDM
Weight: 4 kg
Manufacturer: LK Armatur AB

LK 826 ThermoBac is a 3-way check valve with low opening pressure and high fluid capacity. The valve is especially suitable for heating systems with storage tanks. The check valve prevents self-circulation from storage tank to boiler after the fire has gone out. In case of power failure or pump breakdown LK 826
ThermoBac automatically opens for self-circulation.

The valve should be mounted so that the flap in the check valve closes by its own weight.

LK 826 ThermoBac