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Manifold in-wall cabinet

Manifold in-wall cabinet

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117,80 € tax incl.

  • 335x575-665x110-170 mm
  • 435x575-665x110-170 mm
  • 565x575-665x110-170 mm
  • 715x575-665x110-170 mm
  • 795x575-665x110-170 mm
  • 965x575-665x110-170 mm

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By order manifold in-wall cabinets (width x height x depth mm):
335x575-665x110-170 mm and door 328x454 mm
435x575-665x110-170 mm and door 428x454 mm
565x575-665x110-170 mm and door 558x454 mm
715x575-665x110-170 mm and door 708x454 mm
795x575-665x110-170 mm and door 788x454 mm
965x575-665x110-170 mm and door 993x454 mm