Water heater Dražice advantages

Water heater technology

Additionally to top processing, quality materials used during the production and demanding inspection during the process, the unique system of heating units represents one of our main advantages as regards water heaters.

Ceramic heating unit

Electric unit is not submersible but ceramic, dry, inserted in the steel well. Since the water heater vessel and the well are made from one material type (steel), galvanic cell and electro-chemical reaction do not occur.

Other producers usually use submersible units made from other types of material (copper, stainless steel), therefore the electro-chemical reaction occurs.

The system of ceramic units is especially resistant to hard and aggressive water and significantly extends the vessel service life under all  conditions

Enamel steel vessel

Steel heater vessel from especially strong sheet metal resistant to pressure surges. It is equipped with quality nickel-free enamel which in combination with the magnesium anode guarantees long service life of water heaters DZ Dražice. Cleaning openings enable access to the vessel internal part for removing sediments and limescale and saves costs for the operation.

Magnesium anode

Magnesium anode as additional protection against corrosion also extends the service life of the vessel and high utility value received with the purchase of DZ Dražice water heaters.

Polyurethane insulation

Quality polyurethane insulation with minimum 42 mm thickness provides low heat loss and operating costs.


Dražice is Member of the NIBE group. The DZ Dražice brand existing since 1956 is a guarantee of quality, performance and value of the water heater.

Certificate ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001

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