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Water heater 160 l Dražice OKC 155 NTR/HV


Water heater 155 l, heat exchanger heat transfer surface 1,45 m2

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396,25 € tax incl.


466,18 € tax incl.

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Design with upper outlet:
Indirect heater 155 litres with enamelled vessel and high performance heat exchanger designed to be placed on the floor under the suspended gas boiler.
All outlets including the outlets of the heat exchanger are directed upwards for easier connection with the suspended gas boiler.

Most common use
Preparation of hot water in premisses equipped with gas boilers.


1087 x 584 mm

Weight: 78 kg
Heat exchanger surface: 1,45 m2
Vessel max. pressure: 0,6 MPa
Exchanger max. pressure: 1 MPa
HW. inlet: 3/4"
Heating water inlet: 3/4"
Operating temperature range: to 80°C
Recommended HUW. temperature: 60°C   
Connection voltage: 1 P-EN AC 230 V/50 Hz
Nominal heat output at heating water temperat. of 80 °C and flow rate 720 l/hod: 32 kW
Heating rate from 10 °C to 60 °C: 14 min
Electric protection category: IP 44



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