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Wood cooker Kalvis K-4AB, 17 kW

Wood cooker Kalvis K-4AB, 17 kW used for heating premises and cooking

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High efficiency (78%)
Automatic adjustment of boiler temperature
Left hand, right hand boiler
Large fuel load (80 dm³)
Two hotplates
Oven with shelf
Two fire grate positions in combustion chamber
Wide furnace door
Ingnition and draught dampers
Possibility to mount electric heating element
Warranty for boilers frame 4 years
Colours range: beige, khaki, brown

Wood cooker Kalvis K-4AB technical data

Nominal output: 17 kW
Heated area (when thermal resistance ratio of the building is 2,5): 80…180 m²
Fuel used: wood logs*
Efficiency (firing wood logs): 78%
Combustion chamber volume, dm³ 80 l
Fuel load combustion duration, up to: 10 h.**
Logs size, not greater than: 40 cm
Water volume in the boiler: 63 l
Flue diameter: Ø160 mm
Minimum chimney draught: 15 Pa
Overall dimensions, HxBxL: 940 x 815 x 1100mm
Mass (brutto), (± 10 %): 296 kg

* Coal, pieces of waste wood, peat and saw dust briquettes may be used as a substitute fuel. It is not recommended to fire wood logs with moisture content exceeding 25 %.
** The duration of fuel load burning depend on fuel type, moisture content, outdoor temperature and other factors.

  1. Draught regulator
  2. Cast iron rings
  3. Burning chamber’s refractory bricks
  4. Thermomanometer
  5. Ignition damper
  6. Oven
  7. Electric heating element’s place
  8. Top fire grate position
  9. Bottom fire grate position
  10. Ashtray’s drawer
  11. Flue and draught damper