Stove 5,53 kW CentroPelet Z6-C Centrometal

Pellet firing stove 2,5-5,53 kW CentroPelet Z6-C Centrometal is hot air wood pellet firing stove that heat the room with hot air using a fan built in the stove. Pellet stove is made of steel with modern design and high efficiency. BY ORDER, 3-4 weeks.

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907,01 € tax incl.


1 007,79 € tax incl.

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CentroPelet stove Z6 supplied with a remote control. The delivery standardly includes a digital control that can be used for controlling the operation of the stove. The main advantage is easy operation, maintenance and installation (no need for radiators, pipes ...)

  • Pellet firing stove for hot air heating by blowing hot air into the space.
  • It is available in three colours: white, gray, red
  • The stove is supplied with wood pellets using a screw conveyor, and the pellets are fired by an electric heater.
  • The stove can be turned on/off automatically.
  • The function of economical operation allows automatic output reduction when the temperature room is getting closer to default.
  • Built-in pellet tank.

Dimensions (width x depth x height): 430 x 430 x 765 mm
Efficiency: 93,34-90 %
Flue gas tube connection: 80 mm
Tank capacity: 17l / 11 kg
Autonomy: 8-19 h
Pellet consume: 0,57 - 1,34 kg/h
Power consume at nominal power: 100-300 W